A majority of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance, as most also deem his first year a “failure,” a CNN poll released Thursday revealed.

“Nearly 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of how Joe Biden is handling his presidency, with most of that group saying there’s literally nothing Biden has done since taking office that they approve of,” CNN detailed.

The latest survey, taken January 10-February 6, 2022, shows 58 percent disapproving of Biden’s job performance, compared to 41 percent who approve. That reflects a seven-point increase in the number who disapproved from the last survey, taken in December 2021. 

The past surveys, fielded in March, April, August, September, October, November, and December, show Biden’s approval sinking and his disapproval continually rising. 

From March 2021 to February 2022, Biden’s approval has tanked ten percentage points. In that same time frame, Biden’s disapproval rose 17 percentage points, as his disapproval stood at 41 percent in March 2021.

Currently, 41 percent of Americans “strongly” disapprove of Biden, compared to 15 percent who “strongly” approve.

Further, Biden’s approval among independents is underwater, as 64 percent disapprove, compared to 36 percent who approve. As likely predicted, Biden’s disapproval is staggeringly high among Republicans: 91 percent disapprove. While Biden enjoys an 83 percent approval from Democrats, that still represents an 11-point drop from the 94 percent of Democrats who approved last summer. (Read More…)

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