State Sen. Ed Durr (R-NJ), who wowed the nation by defeating longtime Senate President Stephen Sweeney last year, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Wednesday that he supported the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” led by fellow truckers, who have been “social distancing in trucking long before it became a popular phrase.”

Durr asserted that any decision to receive a vaccine or any medical intervention is “personal business, not the government’s business,” and dismissed far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a “joke” for calling trucker protesters racist when he himself has a long history of wearing blackface.

Last November, Durr became the most famous trucker in America when he defeated the Garden State’s longtime Senate President Steve Sweeney (D) in a stunning upset that wowed political experts across the spectrum. After 25 years on the road with over two million miles driven, he knows a thing or two about what motivated the truckers to protest the vaccine mandates up in Canada.

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