South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham responded to recent news that Russia may be planning a cyberattack against America, saying it would be considered an act of war. On “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday, Graham explained that Vladimir Putin is asserting pressure because he saw ‘weakness’ in President Biden during the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

EN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: If a foreign power blows up a power plant, I would consider that an act of war against the American people. If you shut down a power grid or water supply, that would be an act of war. Whether you use a bomb or cyber techniques, it’s all the same consequence to us. So I’d put Putin on notice. If there’s a cyberattack against critical American infrastructure, we’re going to respond in kind. … 

And the only reason we’re dealing with all this provocation is because Afghanistan showed the world that Joe Biden is weak. And weakness in one area increases aggression in other areas, and I will just finish with this: If we don’t get the Ukraine right, if Putin dismembers the Ukraine without consequence, China will surely go into Taiwan. And the most consequential change of all will be the Iranians will break out and try to get a bomb.


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