Hundreds of supporters of Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ and New York City workers who are facing termination if not vaccinated by the end of the week marched across the Brooklyn Bridge Monday in protest of vaccine mandates.

As protests in Canada entered the second week, their American neighbors showed their support by waving the Canada flag and carrying signs that echoed the sentiments of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ mission as they marched to protest their own mandates.

Last week, nearly 4,000 unvaccinated municipal employees in New York City, including police officers and firefighters, were alerted that they will lose their jobs if they do not get their vaccines by Friday, January 11.

They marched from Downtown Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge, to City Hall, chanting, ‘No medical tyranny, no vaccine mandates’ and ‘My body, my choice. The vaccine you will not force.’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the ultimatum is about safety and argued that city employees have had long enough to comply with the municipal workforce vaccine mandate, which took effect November 1.

‘Safety is not only to stop the bullet, a knife or some other item,’ he said last week at City Hall. ‘Safety is COVID. COVID is taking lives,’ the mayor said. ‘There must be rules, and we must follow them. The rule is to get vaccinated if you are a city employee.’

Protests in solidarity of Freedom Convoy have started taking shape in other Canadian cities and have even trickled down into the United States.

Several ‘Convoy for Freedom 2022’ telegram groups by state are mentioned on Twitter, including North Carolina with 637 members, North Dakota with 120 members, Ohio with 710 members, Oklahoma with 315 members, Oregon with 451 members, Rhode Island with 151 members and Pennsylvania with the most at 1,068 members.

Last week, Facebook removed a page used by American truckers to organize a convoy to Washington DC after GoFundMe began refunding the $8million in donations collected for a Freedom Convoy protesting Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Meta, the social media platform’s parent company, told … (Read more)

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