President Joe Biden visited a collapsed bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Friday, using the local disaster to promote his infrastructure plan.

On his way to the bridge, the presidential motorcade passed a man saying “Let’s Go, Brandon!” on a bullhorn. Other protesters held signs and one of them read, “Biden is not my president.”

The president toured the damaged bridge thanking first responders who were on the scene.

“I’ve been coming to Pittsburgh a long time,” he said, claiming there were more bridges in the city than any other city in the world.

“And we’re going to fix them all,” he added.

The bridge collapsed Friday morning, prior to Biden’s event to promote infrastructure spending. He added a tour of the disaster site to highlight the importance of infrastructure.

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” movement continues to follow Biden wherever he goes as Americans use the phrase to show their disapproval of his presidency.

The movement spiked after a father said the phrase to the president during a Christmas call with his children.

“Let’s go, Brandon, I agree,” Biden replied, apparently unaware of the phrase sweeping the country.

Biden was also greeted with “Let’s Go, Brandon!” chants while touring Kentucky tornado damage in December.

The chant (and the more explicit version) was popularized at concerts and football games in the fall.

Detroit rocker Kid Rock featured the phrase in his new song “We the People” released Monday, which swiftly rocketed to number one on iTunes after its release.

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